Just had my back tattooed by a Frenchman!! No, not really. Attended the Windsor Tattoo this evening and was most impressed by the Garde Republicane. They were marvellous as was the King's Troop seen here. Was also able to see the Royal Marines Band who I look forward to seeing at our British Military Tournament on 2-4 Dec. The Windsor Tattoo was jolly good but I think we might be able to do better. A challenge for a few!!


Received the good news that the Secretary of State for defence has approved the re run of the British Military Tournament which will take place between 2nd  and 4th of December. This year we are including RAF and Royal Marines and the theme will be the “Special relationship” between the US and UK.  Planning is well on time and tickets will be on sale on 7th June. Web site


Meanwhile Andy was breaking his own records in Carlisle before making it across to Ireland. Here he is in Carlisle with not too big a crowd finishing his 50th  Ultra Marathon in 5 hrs 28 mins.  Over the weekend he was in Ulster and to morrow he starts his 55th marathon.  11 to go before he breaks that Guinness Record, amazing!!


Spent the weekend in Italy on the Asiago Plateau, where the dickens is that? I can hear you breath!  Well its in the lower part of the Dolomites and this was where in 1917 a British Army of about 6 Divisions was lifted from the Western Front and sent to Italy to help them in their war against the Austrians. Asigao is about 4,000 feet up and this picture shows an Alpine scenery which looks very peaceful. In 1918 a fierce battle took place and I was ferreting around so I could conduct a battlefield tour for the Yorkshire Regiment.  Three of their antecedent Battalions took part.  It was fascinating to research what was a sideshow of the Great War.  Although the sacrifice was considerably less many died in the campaign.  
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