The Royal Army Physical Training Corps are seen here jumping out of their skins at the British Military Tournament. They are amazing and excited all the crowds with their incredible  timing. Next year we are going to have PT instructors from all three services, could be interesting.


Here is Heather Noonan in front of the Tournament tree at the charity stand. She is the wife of John Noonan the stalwart Head of Administration. The stand at the Tournament was very busy. Great to see so many people here for the Saturday matinnee performance which is virtually sold out.


The White Helmets are preparing for to night's British Military Tournament. Rehearsals are going on in every spare space. Its all looking good for the Queen's arrival at 7 this evening. After note i think it was this guy who on Sunday saw his mother in the crowd, waved and then forgot to turn and hit the railings!!


Things are hotting up at Earls Court this morning with the US Drill Team doing their bit in front of the cameras.  Seen here is the old gaffer (me) and a peep of Christopher Joll, otherwise known as the Ayaltollah.  The White helmets did their stuff too and its pretty noisy. I find it extraordinary that they are paid to have all this fun.  And this is only the fraction of what is on offer. Visit www.britishmilitarytournament.com


Spare a thought for the Row2Recovery team who are preparing for their row from the Canaries to Barbados. They are in the Canaries now carrying out sea trials. They have had the first taste of an Atlantic Force 4 swell and Ed Janvrin said it was "interesting". Their families arrive shortly to see them off. What a challenge. They start in 4 days time. they have raised £600,000 for three charities, H4H, SSAFA and ourselves so we send them every good wish.


This is Treacle who visited the office this afternoon (don't tell the landlord). She is just four months old and belongs to Sheila Haughton who does some work for the Officers Association with whom we share accommodation. Charlotte Bird our Financial Controller has taken a shine to her and it was a job to separate them.


Went to the funeral of Bill Ellis who had been a Chelsea Pensioner for 24 years. He joined the Duke of Wellington's Regiment in 1930 as a band boy aged 14. I got to know Bill as he remembered my father in Malta during the 1930s. He went on to become a musician but the war changed a lot of that and he served in Egypt getting to Sergeant Major and then served in Burma during the retreat over the Sittang River in 1942. He served for 25 years in the Army and then 24 in Chelsea. It was lovely to meet some of his family down from Fife. May he rest in peace.


Well well here is Baxterbear who is our mascot for British Military Tournament which starts on Friday evening. I see he is saluting and even has a veterans badge. That must be for his service with the Royal Regiment of Scotland in Afghanistan. Big Baxterbear will be at the Tournament all over the weekend. For more details on Baxterbear go to. http://www.baxterbear.com/. Easy! For tickets to BMT go to. http://www.britishmilitarytournament.com/
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