Whilst we were enjoying War Horse and all the other things we have had to day including that nice drink at the end of the day, think of those poor sods in the mid atlantic with virtually no water.  Theor relief ship, the Aurora does not reach them till Sunday several days later than planned when their water desalination kit broke down.  But clearly their morale is bearing up judging by yesterdays bulletin which I repeat here..
We are still on two litres of water each at the moment which is causing some discomfort for all of us.
The fact we can’t rehydrate any of our food means we are only taking on around 2000 calories per day, while burning more like 5-6,000 so the weight continues to fall off.
I had some muesli this morning which at the start of the race I thought was disgusting. Today it tasted like the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.
Our dreams are also getting weirder. It’s a regular thing now to get woken up 15 minutes before the shift starts only to be convinced you’ve been rowing for the past two hours.
It’s also seriously hot so we’re just kind of lolling around trying to stay cool during the day time. Whenever a cloud comes across to block out the sun it’s a blessed relief.
So, to sum up, we’re hungry, thirsty and bored. We’re going nowhere and we’re overheating.
Miserable? Not a bit of it. This campaign is about overcoming adversity, inspiring our wounded friends and their families, and raising £1million for service charities. This may be an uncomfortable situation, but it is not life threatening, and we remain determined to complete our mission.
If you want to help us……please donate to the cause! Thank you so much for your continued interest in what we’re doing. We’ll be in touch soon.


Well we were all very lucky to attend a preview showing of War Horse on Tuesday night.  Its a fantastic film and really well produced.  The photography is sensational and its a great story with the odd tear moment.  We had 80 in the auditorium with Fern Brittain, Kate Humble and Ben Fogle keeping us company. But we nearly had another War!  I thought all Geordies liked each other but apparently not all is sweetness and light between one part of Newcastle and another.  So here we  have Kirsty who organised this great night from one part of "toon" and Guardsman Fergusson otherwise known as "Gazza" from another. But they have made up and look happy enough. "Gazza" is currently at Headley Court  A great evening for many of our supporters and soldiers 

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