If not I am sure I can help. To day we went to Canary Wharf which is an extraordinary place in its own right to welcome a team from Barclaycard who had bicycled a leg of their JOGLE from Northampton. They have been fantastic in supporting the charity as relays of riders make the old tradtional route. Their aim was to raise £50k but they have already exceeded that pretty comfortably; altough one rider was far from comfortable!! The rider on my right is Ed Carrell who served in the 17/21 Lancers a few years back. The whole of the Barclaycard executive team turned as did ours. A great show of enthusiasm.


Met up with the Garrison Sgt Major yesterday and we had a good chin wag on what makes a soldier tick.  He is a great supporter of the charity and helps whenever he can; he was wearing the tie.  This amusing snap is of him at Terminal One where there are hundreds of photos of him,  they now have the real live man.


It was a full day of meetings yesterday and a dickens of a lot of rain!!  So going from one meting to the next, what do I do?  Leave the umbrella behind!!  The progress on British Military Tournament is good and we are set for a busy September in promoting the event.  Its going to be fantastic and its something not to miss.
Then onto another meeting at Regents Park Barracks where I left the dreaded umbrella.  Then to Black Rock our investment managers to be briefed on new strategy.  All very interesting.  Its a worrying time and good to know we are well looked after by them.  


Here is Alison Miller who is celebrating her birthday after work. Alison with her normal happy smile keeps in touch with our corporates who are kind and generous enough to support us. She does a great job and we are lucky to have her experience and expertise.
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