This evening I went to the launch of Heropreneurs a new charity which seeks to offer leaving Servicemen the chance to start their own businesses. They will provide a package of funding (up to £20k) and business support. A great idea and clearly well supported already. Apparently 97% of businesses have 20 or less employees. It was suggested that service resettlement is more focussed on finding jobs than encouraging entrepreneural skills. I met a young lady, Harriet Phipps, on the right here, who stood up to her employers who insisted on her taking off her poppy last November. In the process she shamed her firm to change their ridiculously inflexible dress policy. Good for her and I commend her for her courage.


Here we have a couple of Reivers meeting to discuss the ride in July when 6 core riders will ride for the charity and in memory of Richard Holmes. This is Charles Dent from Yorkshire and some other bloke in a steel bonnet. These were worn by these nasty cattle thieves in the 12th to 15th Centuries. To learn more look up the webpage http://www.soldierscharity.org/reivers-ride.
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