While they all have a good laugh in the office I was grappling with the 2012 programme for Gloucestershire. So here are a couple of our doughty members helping me along, in the fore is Richard Miller the Regional Director for the West. He's looking remarkably cheerful with the thought that he is back here again on Sunday for our Curry Lunch. Beyond is Johnny "fast car" Dallow and Helen Holroyd. A great team with those on the other side who you can't see. 29 Regiment RLC are our main supports see earlier posts.


Well it was a normal day in the office to day but somehow a break out of hilarity occurred thanks to the Comms team feeling that things needed to be revved up so they appeared in halloween guise frightening the office cat and cleaners, who have resigned.  I had heard this was in the wind so I made sure I was away from the office. Of course Halloween is actually on Monday but Friday is our dress down day so they brought it forward.  Halloween is important for the London Scottish who went into action on Halloween Night at Ypres in 1914.  They therefore became the first Territorial Force unit to go into action in World War One.   


To day we had the AGM of COBSEO now known as the Confederation of Service Charities in St James's Palace. The Prince of Wales is the Patron and kindly hosted the morning and attended the reception following the AGM. He is also the Patron of the British Military Tournament which takes place in Earls Court between 2 and. 4 December - not to be missed. The rather bad photo shows the other partners in the BMT. The long of it is Robert Robson the CE of the RN and RM Charity and the short of it is Rob Wright the Controller (endangered species) of the RAF Benevolent Fund. We do as much as we can together and on these occasions hunt as a pack.


I had the pleasure of attending a very eclectic gathering in the City this evening for the St George's Society of New York. They are forming links with our American linked charity British Soldiers Fund (BSF) but they have also undertaken casework on British soldiers in the US who need our help. With me is John Shannon, the Executive Director of SGS of NY. Amongst others were representatives from Westminster City, Westminster Abbey, the College of Arms, Kensington Palace and the Willis Group who were our hosts. Also there was someone from Walking with the Wounded who was fascinating about their future plans.


This is our old friend Spot who did the Reivers Ride with Mr Stitch. Here she is having done a clear round at the Army and Royal Artillery Hunter Trial at Larkhill. It was generously supported by Lockheed Martin. The organisers did a grand job getting 250 riders thru the course. We didn't have to jump the gun this time!!

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