We have been given 80 seats for a preview of Stephen Spielberg's film WAR HORSE.  So we have invited the 80 lucky soldiers, veterans and beneficiaries by e-mail.  To do this we decided to do a video of me inviting them to the event.  We did this at Knightsbridge Barracks with a horse called Hope joining me.  There are two versions the funny one 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Y4UrQ-M-k  and the final version which is not so amusing!!


This is the result of our recent campaign to thank the ordinary soldier.  We asked our Facebook fraternity to put their faces on the Union Flag image which we then had reflected onto the White Cliffs of Dover on December 27th. We attracted 6,000 good folk who clearly appreciate what our soldiers do for the nation. 


Now the party period is over it is sobering to thunk of the Row 2 Recovery team in mid Atlantic with their desalinator broken and now having to ration themselves on water.  This is an excerpt of Neil Heritage's blog where he talks about Aurora their relief boat which is several days away. Aurora's skipper Richard seems confident that he will get to us in around seven to eight days which should give us plenty of time. We need to keep our fingers crossed the winds stay strongly behind us as that will speed the Aurora's passage to us.
In the meantime it's just a question of waiting. We've stopped rowing during the day to preserve energy and are only getting on the oars when it cools down at night. That's making sleeping a bit of a problem though because the cabins are stiflingly hot and incredibly sticky and uncomfortable.
But at least with the tail winds we are still being propelled in the right direction towards Barbados. We made almost 50 miles yesterday without pulling a stroke.
Despite all our setbacks we remain defiant in the face of adversity. We're confident we've got a plan in place which will enable us to re-supply and get on with completing our crossing.
It's incredibly frustrating that technical problems are hampering us so badly but we remain totally determined to get across.
This mission is about more than winning a race – it's about showing what can be achieved after serious injury. We have no intention of giving up any time soon.
I doubt there'll be much celebrating of New Year tonight. We've got a few other things to worry about at the moment!
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