To day was the Trooping the Colour and the weather held. One of the icons of this great parade is the Garrison Sergeant Major, Billy Mott, and this is the new badge, he wears. Actually its an old badge restored and very smart it looks. Sadly no King's Troop as they have a few cases of Strangles and the Household Cavalry were terrified of catching it. Strangles makes a horse froth at the mouth amongst other things. As I froth every Monday morning I must have it too!! But don't worry, you can see the King's Troop at the British Military Tournament. See


Lucky enough to have been invited to lunch at City Hall today. I was one of about ten from all quarters of London life. It was a fascinating and at times hilarious hour. I sat next to the Managing Director of Fortnums (perhaps not entirely a representative part of London but still) and heard how the riots got inside and helped themselves to Champagne and caviar. Boris was interested in the ex service charity scene and grasped their cooperative nature. There was general discussion on such subjects as the war in Afghanistan, employment law, youth employment and Boris Bykes (only 8 have been stolen and all have been recovered). This picture is a small mural in the Ebury Wine Bar. I gave Boris a copy not sure he was too impressed by the likeness!! Note the title of the book.


The Massed Bands of the Guards Division on their way to Beating Retreat last night. We had a reception in the Guards Museum to thank many of our sponsors, donors and supporters. The evening was bright and starlit but very cold. Heard that we have sold over 3500 tickets for the British Military Tournament already and they only went on sale today. Those who want to go better not tarry.


Busy couple of days with our internal charity conference. Very well organised and hugely helpful. Focus was on the needs of the wounded and social media. But there were a lot of power point presentations. Here is the audience pretending to look happy.


Well, this is the finale of Beating Retreat on Horse Guards and we also witnessed the US Army Band performing. Interesting for us as they will be back for the British Military Tournament. It was all fun but incredibly cold for a June evening. Flaming June they used to say. Whilst on the BMT we have already sold over 1500 tickets and they are not yet for sale to the public. But they will be to morrow visit


Yesterday I was the Royal Military Memorial Chapel at Sandhurst to remember with great affection and not a little sadness the life of Richard Holmes. There were 1300 people there and more Generals than you could shake a stick at. The Commandant told me that the chapel had not seen such a congregation in living memory. Apparently there were 200 stars, by which I mean officers of senior rank not Madonna etc. Or marks for being good at school. Keith Simpson, a very old friend of Richard's made a magisterial address which got Richard just right.


A scene from the end of the American Civil War as Confederates and Union soldiers compare notes. They will be at each others throats in December when they meet at Earls Court for the British Military Tournament. See

The theme the US/UK Speciola relationship will be demonstrated with the US Army Band from Germany and the US Drill Team from Washington.  All exciting stuff.


One thing different to last years BMT is the inclusion of both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. So that means we have a Royal Marine band and the Central Band of the Royal Air Force on board. Also we have elements of the Queen's Colour Squadron in their operational role. With me here at the launch is Rob Wright the Controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund. We should have had the RN and RM Charity CE but he was all at sea. This event will  demonstrate how much we work together and intend to do so in the future.


To day we launched the 2011 British Military Tournament at Wellington Barracks. Lots of interest and a great deal more than last year. The trick is to find the photo to catch the picture editor's eye and this certainly won't. However we have had quite extensive coverage on London TV and we hope for more in the Evening Standard and local press.  This is going to be a particualry interesting show with many new dimensions whilst keeping those iconic acts like the Field Gun Race.
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