Someone has been talking! This is what greeted me this morning. In the night Mr Stitch thought he would take the Michael. Very funny old boy!


Well after the presentations we all went next door to the Italian Restaurant La Scalza for a party to which I invited anybody in the charity or who had been so in my time. And of course all the eyebrows came too.! Here is a sample with The Arch Eyebrow!! We didn't finish there till about 6.30 but then my time sense got a bit hazy and I forgot I had got Celia to pick me up in Swindon at 7.15. Didn't go down very well but was forgiven when I got there at 10.15!! It was a very jolly evening and a good way to finish. This will be one of my last blogs as I will not continue once I have left on Monday. Mr Stitch may take it up in September.


This is supposed to be Mr Stitch who seems to have found a place in the heart of my team.  So Kirsty, the Arch Baker cooked this little cake for my farewell party.  Actually rather to her irritation I bumped into her at Oxford Street tube a few hours earlier, her clutching the cake precariously.  I ask "oh what the dickens have you got there?"  Kirsty clearly thinks "are you that stupid?" but doesnt say it.
Anyway later in the day before the party I spotted Henni wearing a tweed cap and these enormous cotton wool eyebrows(and there she is in the picture) so I said "good heavens!"  and thought how odd they are all dressing up as rabbits or something and only when I saw another pair of these eyebrows did I twig that they were taking MY eyebrows. Oh well why not? 
Then I was given a lovely present of some silver cuff links in the shape of foxes, a wonderfully conceived idea.  I am very fond of foxes and we look after a number at home!!  I was given a very funny card with lots of irreverent messages.  Lots and lots og giggles though.
Kirsty with her contacts with F Company managed to borrow a bearskin as they wanted to see me in one, so here I am!!

Grace having a laugh.  She came in the train and tube wearing these eyebrows, would you believe it!  Heaven knows what the ordinary passengers thought!! 


As Harry Belafonte crooned “ I am sad to say, I am on my way, wont be back for many a day”. I leave the Charity in 10 days time so the festivities started to day at a lunch in the Guards Museum, somewhere I know well. I was kindly presented by the trustees this amusing cartoon which shows me jumping a fence at Cheltenham or somewhere on an unknown horse. Mr Stitch says it certainly isn’t him!!


Tremendous to see the Soldiers’ Charity poster back up on  Waterloo Station.  This is part of the marketing for the Soldiers Challenge due to take place on sat 19 May when we hope to have 2000 young supporters careering round London in aid of the charity.  The poster which is enormous will remain there throughout March, April and May.


Sad day as the gates of the King's Troop Barracks in St John's Wood were closed for the last time. The Troop were royally looked after by the citizens of St John's Wood as the guns and horses paused in the High Street. Choirs, singing old songs and a splendid speech by the Commanding Officer. The Troop went on to fire the Royal Salute for the Queen's Accession.


To day a visit to the 1812 battlefield of Borodino where Napoleon faced the Imperial Russian Army hoping to stop the French taking Moscow. Napoleon was intending to destroy the Russian Army. A bloody battle which failed to produce a result. Napoleon did take Moscow but the Russian Army was able to fight another day and when Napoleon retreated in the Russian winter they got their revenge and destroyed the Grand Army. We walked a good 5 mile in the snow to see the ground. One needed to keep walking to stay warm. Last blog from Russia, thank goodness I hear some of you say.
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