This morning coming away from a business breakfast in St James's Square I was accosted by an old friend Colour Sergeant Taswell late of the Grenadier Guards. He now drives the Norwegian Ambassador. We reflected on the death Gaddafi by the memorial to Yvonne Fletcher. Our thoughts were predictable. Not that Mr Taswell will ever need us I told him what good work we do for soldiers and their families.


The day was spent in Leadership Development with the team and much was learnt. Someone commented on my blog, so thank you, Shelley. She was sorry Mr Stitch was no longer corresponding so I went to a brilliant exhibition at the National Army Museum with whom we have close links. It's on War Horse and exhibits lots of interesting things related to military horses over the years. Mr Stitch would have been fascinated if concerned over the terrible losses of horses in war.


Planning is hotting up for BMT. To day there again to see where the lay out will be and dealing with security issues. There is a winter sports exhibition there at the moment  and at one stage I got muddled up with some alpine boogie boogie dancing. I thought they might go well with the Band of the Royal Marines but perhaps not. Visit http://www.britishmilitarytournament.com/


Last week went to Earls Court to reconnoitre the arrival of the Queen when she comes to the British Military Tournament on Fri 2nd December. It is a great honour for us and the event. Tickets selling well so don't leave it too late. http://www.britishmilitarytournament.com/


Yesterday we gave thanks for the life of Anne Field who as a Brigadier led the Army's women for several years. Latterly she sat for many years on the Grants Committee of the Charity never stinting on giving direct advice to me and others. She was a great character. She was the same age as the Queen.


Been rather quiet of late but to night we bade farewell to Jeremy Gaskell who has run the North West for 16 years. He has done att fantastic job raising money for the charity. This is where the money goes:A former RTR Trooper served in 45 – 48 he and his wife are now in their 80s. He looks after his wife who has Parkinson's with very limited support from social services. He has arthritis and asthma and has mobility problems. A grant of £2150 has enabled him to have a walk in shower installed overcoming great difficulties that he and his wife had in bathing in the kitchen sink.
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