On a remote mountain top between Florence and Bologna we remembered those who died in defeating the Germans on Monte Cece on 8 Oct 1944. On this spot a VC was won and a Commanding Officer killed.  The Italians take these things very seriously. We were treated to speeches from several local dignitaries which went on a bit but much appreciated. We were driven to the top in 6 small military trucks belonging to 66th Air Mobile Regiment. They are shortly to deploy to Afghanistan but to Herat. Those from 3 YORKS on our group had some common ground with them.


If you want to see a happy story look at these photos of Andy Reid and Claire on their wedding day. Andy with no legs and the one arm taking the first dance at his wedding on Saturday last.  By all accounts it was a great occasion and I have heard first hand from some of his regimental  friends who here with me in Italy as we follow the fortunes of previous Dukes.  Go to  for more on this remarkable couple.  We in the charity are proud to be supporting such a man.
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