Well, we have arrived at the start of the ride.  This is Callaly Castle ...Stables and is where those humans and "the  G" are staying, so they get the stable so where do we go?  Here in the field, but actually it is fantastic grass and we are very happy.  In the foreground is my new friend Mozart, what a stupid name for a horse so we call him Mozzy.  Beyond are Spot and I  and on beyond that are Ole Bill and Jack.  There are 10 horses here so we are going to have a real party here to night while the "the G" goes off to another Castle, for a Charity do.  There is going to be a bit of a hullaballoo tomorrow when we set off with TV and radio.  The forrecast is  so we are really looking forward to the day.


I and "the G" had a good day yesterday.  He went off to a look at a brewery and he says he didnt drink anything.  I believe that  ,,,, the we both went for a ride in this park where we are staying.  it belongs to one of the reivers, Charles Dent who is riding with us and I was introduced to Ole Bill and Jack.  They seem  good sorts but couldn't stop talking about Galway which is where they come from apparently.  They are in this photo in front of the house ( you can just see my ears)  where the "the G" was staying, the other picture is where I stayed. I heard to day that the charity helped a An 83 year old gentleman who completed his National Service with the Royal Signals from 46-48 and served in Libya and Egypt. He suffers from osteoarthritis in multiple joints as well as cancer. His central heating was 25 years old and most of the radiators did not work. We awarded him a grant towards a replacement central heating system.  That's what the charity is all about


Well we made it despite being a bit late and am now having a bit of a day off in a nice paddock.  I have met up with my friend Spot with whom I travelled up to Yorkshire with.  But more about her later.  Its important you know what us horses are being ridden all over the borders for.  We and the riders are raising money for the ABF The Soldiers' Charity, in particular for the Current Operations Fund which goes to support those who have suffered in some way as a result of operations  Iraq and Afghanistan or any other future conflict.  The riders haven't done a bad job, I have to admit and it pains me to do so, as I reckon we will be the ones doing the hard work after all the hipe. We  have raised over £50k which was the target, this is fantastic and "The G" thinks we will get to £60k by the end of next week.  This photo is of Mozart who is on his way up to Yorkshire, I have only just seen this snap of him and hope i will get on with him, he looks a bit big and rough but I will say more when i meet him this evening. So back to the grass for a while.


I am just about off, at least I think I am.  The thing about “the G” is that he is always late.  “coming up to ride in 10 minutes” he says.  Then I get all tacked up and wait and wait!  So here we are again , all ready to go waiting for his eminence to appear.  Anyway to while away my time I get this card from his nibs Secretary.  I am sure he finds the cartoon funny but I don’t!!   I am not grey (white to you unhorsy folk)  and I don’t look anything like that , do I ?  


I am Mr Stitch: I am just a horse but I am on an important mission, in fact several.  First my Master "the General" has given up on his blog: he says the family wedding has kept him too busy: well thats fine but I wasnt even invited.  So I have decided to do the blog or a horsy version of it to cover this mad cap scheme of "the G" to ride all over the place looking for long forgotten battles in which thousands of horses no doubt died, but I bet the historians forget that.  Anyway tomorrow we are off to Yorkshire to get some of the way to Northumberland where this junket starts.  This photo is of me and my groom; I look rather handsome don't I?  More tomorrow, so keep a eye on me.

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