This is supposed to be Mr Stitch who seems to have found a place in the heart of my team.  So Kirsty, the Arch Baker cooked this little cake for my farewell party.  Actually rather to her irritation I bumped into her at Oxford Street tube a few hours earlier, her clutching the cake precariously.  I ask "oh what the dickens have you got there?"  Kirsty clearly thinks "are you that stupid?" but doesnt say it.
Anyway later in the day before the party I spotted Henni wearing a tweed cap and these enormous cotton wool eyebrows(and there she is in the picture) so I said "good heavens!"  and thought how odd they are all dressing up as rabbits or something and only when I saw another pair of these eyebrows did I twig that they were taking MY eyebrows. Oh well why not? 
Then I was given a lovely present of some silver cuff links in the shape of foxes, a wonderfully conceived idea.  I am very fond of foxes and we look after a number at home!!  I was given a very funny card with lots of irreverent messages.  Lots and lots og giggles though.
Kirsty with her contacts with F Company managed to borrow a bearskin as they wanted to see me in one, so here I am!!

Grace having a laugh.  She came in the train and tube wearing these eyebrows, would you believe it!  Heaven knows what the ordinary passengers thought!! 


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