Barry Stoddart, the Chief Instructor at the Army School of Physical Training is attempting three world records. Yes three and within 35 days!! Most normal people might dream of attempting one in a lifetime but this guy is greedy and so far he has made one. On 13 Mar he completed a 10km run carrying 40lb!!! He did it in 46mins 6 seconds breaking the existing world record by another lunatic in 2007 by 12 minutes. Makes me feel quite ill thinking about it. The next challenge is on Sunday when he will complete the Fleet half marathon carrying 20 lb. The record for that is 1 hr 42 min 50 second so watch this space. This is all in support of the charity and I am mightily impressed. The third and final challenge is the London Marathon again carrying 20 lb. I am just wondering if I could attempt some world record; any ideas out there? Judging by the piccy Barry is well supported and he looks fresh as a daisy. Well done Barry we are all rooting for you.


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