This was a ridiculously busy weekend for the charity.  Andy Reid and Josh did a 10 K run in  St Helens and here on the right we see Andy doing the last 2 Kms on his prosthetics, a really remarkable achievement.
Meanwhile there was activity at the Ideal Home Show and a couple of very young supporters. I have an idea they are related to someone in the office, do I detect a resemblance?

On the left  there is Barry doing the Fleet half Marathon which he broke the existing record of 1 hour 42 mins in a new time of 1 Hour 37 mins. He looks pretty chipper.  So he should have no problem in doing the marathon in a few weeks time and smashing another record..  Brilliant. 

If that wasnt enough Andy McMenemy was running in Wakefield  and Sheffield and he is going well. Since then he has been in Lincoln and Nottingham to day.  7 down and 59 to go.  We all salute this amazing attempt and when you put all these things together there is an enormous amount of visibility going on for the charity. I have to confess that I did not run or anything over the weekend.


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