Here are a number of real stars. Andy Martin is pictured with Kirsty who ran the event for the charity.  He is a City man working for Citibank who just   wanted to help and on his own has raised over £15,000.  He has done really well and we thank him for his fundraising and for just running this race for us.   Kirsty is very popular with our runners as she is great at chatting them up.  We had 77 runners to day and we hope we have made about £125,000.

This is a really good result on what was a lovely day. Well done Kirsty, you have been blogged at last!!

The picture on the right  is of Lee Riley who broke a world record of running with 40 pounds on his back.  He broke it by 14 minutes!!!  Seems a lot to me. Here he is looking so sparky holding his Guinness Certificate it is amazing.  He was as chirpy as anything and seemed so pleased to have spoken to Richard  Branson.  He was well supported by a great family too.  My commiserations to Barry Stoddart whose attempt to break the 20 pound record failed as he had tore his hamstring. What bad luck but there is next year, Barry.



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