And so it all came to its eventual conclusion with Andy coming in at 4.15pm as fresh as that proverbial daisy.  He had taken it easy so that all those who ran for one or two circuits could enjoy his amazing company.  Greville Bibby the brigade commander who ran about 6 circuits with him said it was exhausting just talking to this amazing man as he cantered round.  It was lovely to see Andy encouraging several parties of school children who marvelled at his welcome and good humour.  
 I was able to congratulate him personally and I was honoured to do so.  His team of Barry Groves and many others did a brilliant job and keeping the show on the road.  But my prize goes to Sophie the physiotherapist who managed Andy through three quite serious injuries. She is a free lance and I would recommend her to any sportsman who needs a bit of a leg up. No pun intended!

Andy has a most delightful character always looking at the positive side of life.  His determination and complete lack of apparent stress was remarkable.  A careful decompression regime now begins but as this was his 50th Birthday he is allowing himself a glass of shandy.  He may go for a 20 mile stroll to morrow and allow himself an hour lie in.  Amazing and when the book comes out it will be a salutary lesson on how to live our lives.

66 years since charity started
66 ultra marathons
66 cities
66 consecutive days

50 years!!! but with 66 points out of 66.


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