Kirsty, our lively and sporting National Events Coordinator did a tandem skydive last Friday. She must be mad!! But as she had lost an office bet she had to do it in a tiger costume, this has parallels to the fact our skydiving parachute team from PWRR are nicknamed ‘the tigers’! Grrr! Doesn't she look sweet? 

Her tandem instructor was called Hans, an advanced instructor from the airfield but as she was absolutely terrified, 2 of the tigers (Sgt Dave Clarke and Pte Shane Hind) offered to ‘’dock’’ onto her skydive, in other words  hold her hand during free fall, oh yea?  

-       She did this along with 5 other very brave staff members from the fundraising & comms team; we’re hoping our supporters will sign up for one of our big charity jump days this summer.  "They" are also hoping I may join them!  Dream on, there is no way I am going to get myself professionally terrified


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