The event has closed with about 120 finishing the 54 mile yomp, some considerable achievement by all those who completed.  Well done the yompers and those good people who made the whole event work so well.  A few final photos, one on the left  shows the remnants of a hearty breakfast on the Princes Scottish Youth  Business  Trust table with Mark Strudwick their CEO to whom as it happens I was best man.  PSYBT is also benefitting from this event as they are nominated by Alliance Trust Staff Foundation as local charity.  

Also shown is Jim Duffy and his Katterick Kommandos who did very well coming in on 22 hours.  The winners were 1 Bn REME but close behind them 15 minutes away was the Alliance Trust Team.  A very satisfactory conclusion all round.

The last photo is of Russell Beattie and Doug Cooke as they arrived at 9.15 having completed this amazing challenge.  Katherine Garrett-Cox the CE of Alliance Trust was on hand to give them a good hug!!  Rusel doesnt look very happy but then nor would you if you had been walking for over 24 hours!!  


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