I  am very sorry I haven't been on the wires of late but in the move back home my laptop got taken by "the G" and so I got separated. Anyway back to the story:
The day ended on Saturday with a tour of the 1650 Battle of Dunbar where Cromwell defeated a Royalist Army.  Most of us horses were just so glad to have made the trip.  The humans all went off drinking and dancing at a Ceilidh: best sight the "the G" said, was the girls having a go at the Scottish dancing.
Sunday morning we had a lie in and we got boxed up for the long trip to Ribston in Yorkshire.  So we are now half way home and enjoying a few days rest here before getting back to Gloucestershire.  We are enormously grateful to the "A" Team (Karen,Gwynneth, Tina and Jane)who looked after us really well.  they moved like a military machine which is more than you could say for the riders!!
Well troops, we did it. We should all be very proud of ourselves, we all got here in one piece with one exception.  I think the "the G" is thinking of doing something in 2014 but completely different, so Troops watch out.  A few closing comments from the team, which I suppose I must allow:

Spot:  2014, he'd better include me as he needs a Lady to run things.  This rabble nearly mutinied if I hadnt stepped in!
Ole Bill:  Thank God it is Sunday, mind you I have enjoyed the last two days, ambling around in the sun without a rider!!
Jack:  Quite nice carrying "the G" and thank goodness he didn't have those strange flapping clothes.  I only really like Hunting Pink.
Seamus: I don't do French food so thinking of going on a diet.
Mozzie:  My boss had better bring a friend next time I had to do the whole thing from beginning to end.  I am a shadow!
Frenchie:  My name might be Frenchie but I don't do French lingo or food. Going home Yippee!
The Turtle:  Made it - Dunbar. I can see the sea, right Wogan, ready for the hike home? , lets show them we don't need wheels to get us there.
Wogan:  I am up for it, sign me up for 2014 and the Retreat to Mons too, not sure about Walter.
Walter: I want to go home, I have had enough and I am not up for any of these human junkets.


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