Well its time to get under way in the good old blog again.  Have had a bit of a tussle with Mr Stitch who thought he was still doing the blog, but I have now taken the reins off him! This little snap shows Tommy Walsh of Ground Force placing his mark on the Community Centre which has been given a boost by the charity by using the "The Homes for Heroes" money raised thanks to Media 10 from the Ideal Home shows.  It was good to see the work being done in the isolated base at South Cerney. Also in the picture is Anna Kimber the CO of 29 Regiment RLC  and Levi Ashley the Unit Welfare Officer who with his staff has got all this organised. Tommy was great and gave several  interviews and as well as talking about our work here rased the issue that soldiers and their at South Cerney have no bus service into Cirencester , the nearest town.  Ridiculous for those families stuck there without a car.


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