This is all pretty amazing stuff. Whilst we were all having fun with our families this is what was going on in the Atlantic. This is the clip from their web site and is worth reading in full.

"The crew of Row2Recovery may have spent Christmas in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan serving for their country, but rowing across the ocean desert of the mid-Atlantic is a very different and unique experience. The crew of injured soldiers are currently lying in third place in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest rowing race, and Christmas day will be very much the same as any other in this epic marathon, focused on rowing as hard as they can towards the finish line in the Caribbean, still over 30 days away.

Speaking from Row2Recovery, Dad of two and double leg amputee Corporal Neil Heritage said, "Of course we would all love to be with our families and loved ones sat round a big Christmas dinner back home, but being here with the guys in the middle of the Atlantic is pretty special too. We remained determined to keep competing hard in the race and spirits are high. Christmas dinner might consist of freeze-dried food and I may have to row for half the day and then squeeze into a tiny cabin with three other guys, but I wouldn’t change if for anything."


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