Ihave been a trifle idle in doing the BB since my schedule has been very hectic.  On Wednesday I went to Belfast for a Regional Planning Meeting and was able to do some useful work beforehand including meeting the Minister of State at Hillsborough Castle a lovely house and garden which is the residence of the Secretary of State to Northern Ireland.  We had interesting discussions about the plethora  of Ex Service Charities and what could be done to improve the lot of the veteran in the Province. The meeting over on Thursday which was interesting yet sobering as things are not easy there, I had to catch a flight back to London and surprise, surprise it was 40 minutes late which I was grumpy about as I had to get back to a Dinner at the HAC which Damien Francis, one of our trustees and pictured above with his wife Jane,  had arranged for me to speak to about 250 industrialists who were receiving the UK Stock Market awards. It was a fantastic opportunity and I was very well received and several people came up with their cards to offer help. A very positive evening.  Bentley were one of the sponsors and they have offered to help  to with an auction prize later in the year. Don't think about it! They are not giving us a car!! Anyway here I am having bought one myself  and I let Jane above have a quick cabby before we drive down the Mall at 150 mph. A busy and fast moving day.


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