Well we made it despite being a bit late and am now having a bit of a day off in a nice paddock.  I have met up with my friend Spot with whom I travelled up to Yorkshire with.  But more about her later.  Its important you know what us horses are being ridden all over the borders for.  We and the riders are raising money for the ABF The Soldiers' Charity, in particular for the Current Operations Fund which goes to support those who have suffered in some way as a result of operations  Iraq and Afghanistan or any other future conflict.  The riders haven't done a bad job, I have to admit and it pains me to do so, as I reckon we will be the ones doing the hard work after all the hipe. We  have raised over £50k which was the target, this is fantastic and "The G" thinks we will get to £60k by the end of next week.  This photo is of Mozart who is on his way up to Yorkshire, I have only just seen this snap of him and hope i will get on with him, he looks a bit big and rough but I will say more when i meet him this evening. So back to the grass for a while.


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