I and "the G" had a good day yesterday.  He went off to a look at a brewery and he says he didnt drink anything.  I believe that  ,,,, the we both went for a ride in this park where we are staying.  it belongs to one of the reivers, Charles Dent who is riding with us and I was introduced to Ole Bill and Jack.  They seem  good sorts but couldn't stop talking about Galway which is where they come from apparently.  They are in this photo in front of the house ( you can just see my ears)  where the "the G" was staying, the other picture is where I stayed. I heard to day that the charity helped a An 83 year old gentleman who completed his National Service with the Royal Signals from 46-48 and served in Libya and Egypt. He suffers from osteoarthritis in multiple joints as well as cancer. His central heating was 25 years old and most of the radiators did not work. We awarded him a grant towards a replacement central heating system.  That's what the charity is all about


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