Having recovered from Status Quo caught early train to Newcastle for the launch of "Geordie Land to No Man's Land" a charming and interesting diary of a World War I Gunner by the name of George Elder.  George had been working in WH Smith in 1915 when he joined the Territorial Northumbrian Gunners.  He survived the war to return to WH Smiths and ended up working for them for 51 years.  His diaries had been in the family for many years but only recently have they sprung into action to

get them published.  The end result is shown here and the group is at WH Smiths in Northumberland Street in Newcastle where we managed to shift 50 books.  On my right is Claire who has done so much to get this project going and on my left is Viv her mother, a grand daughter of George Elder.  We were joined by Kirsty Irvine from Central Office and her father.  Now on train home which I very nearly missed as I was enjoying my time in "Toon" so much.



HappinessisClaire said...

So Glad you made the train! Also had a fantastic day in "Toon" :-)

Even managed to sell books on the way home this evening.

Thanks again for all your invaluable support.


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