This is Neil Heritage who I saw again this evening at the Row to Recovery Dinner. He is one of the six men who will row the Atlantic, a distance of 3000 miles. So what you may ask? Neil is a double amputee who was part of a Bomb Disposal Team in November 2004 when a suicide bomber blew himself up in Basra, Iraq. He was one of our first beneficiaries aand he helped us in one of our early campaigns. I saw him walk this evening and this time next month he will be half way across the Atlantic. Row to Recovery is raising money for H4H, SSAFA and ABF The Soldiers' Charity; they have raised 1/2 Million already and now their goal is a Million. Watch http://www.row2recovery.com/. There will be more about this over the next month. We in the Soldiers' Charity will be rooting for Neil.


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