After Kelso we went into Floors Castle grounds and I know the" The G " likes castles but this is ridiculous.  The grounds were beautiful and we were taken around the park by The Duke of Roxbrugh's groom, Gill.  We had a lovely gallop and then a spot of hay for lunch.  I then handed over" the G" to Spot who was rearing to go.  She said she had good fun fording the Tweed something which is not often done. 

 I hoe it didn't up set the salmon!!  We got to Mounthooly in the evening and set about the fandango of dividing the paddock into sections.  I dont why they do that , they say we might kick each other, as if we would.  Anyway we are all well and Ole Bill is completely sound. WE are nearly half way!!  Yippee. Spot and  I thought we would have a laugh tomorrow morning by not getting caught.  They havn't kept our head collars on, you see there will be high strikes in the morning.  


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