Monday evening. These are the girls who keep us on the road. They are a God send and look after our every need. Just as well as "the G" and his friends don't have a clue. Left to them we would all be left to our own devices and simply starve. Karen is on the left and she looks after me, Spot, Ole Bill and Jack. She's brilliant. And the there is Gwyneth who is helping Jane look afterThe Frenchman, the Turtle, Wogan and Walter (the thruster). Quite a team. Then there is Jane who owns this palace of a box which only just missed the gate into where we are tonight by a millimetre.  Finally there is Tina who is holding Mozzy's hoof as well as Seamus.  They all look cheerful. at the moment.  The good news is that Ole Bill seems better so we are hoping he will ride with us tomorrow.


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