This is the rest of the crew here, we have crept into Mr Stitch's travelling study to use his laptop whilst he is asleep.  We the hoy polloy of the trip would like to put our view of things, he has said enough.  You see Mr Stitch thinks he runs things round here but he doesn't, we know that its really Spot or is it Mrs Spot?  We think they have been secretly married for some time!  We are all a bit fed up getting orders left right and centre from these two so we thought we would give you a bit of our mind.

first Ole Bill wants a word. "  When we are going home,? I hate them all, ordered around and never told what is happening next,  Haven't felt well all trip, really since the second day and all I want to do is go home. So glad I got my own back on Mr Stitch by peeing on his poly pad"

Jack. " I agree and i hate being treated like a Pony Club pony with flags being shaken around me, do they not realise that I don't go through flags I go OVER them!"

Mozart or Mozzie. "Did you see him fall? We did and that was because he never offered us a cuppa.  I have done the most miles and am very proud of it and its nice to know someone loves me"

Frenchie. "I am fed up and all I want to know is the time of the bus back, I am knackered (sorry , very Non PC).  cant wait to get away from this lot!"

The Turtle.  " I love it and cant wait for the next trip.  Just show me the way to Dunbar and then i will go to Tanzania"

Seamus. " I think I have got bulimia, I cant stop eating!!" 

Wogan.  " Its been great I have loved it all and getting the extra scoff all helps."

Walter.    " I have no idea what is going on, I live in the dark and am treated like s.... but I dont mind I will just go along with every thing as long as it is homeward bound."

WE had better go now before Mr or Mrs Stitch  find us here.


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