We stayed  in a lovely paddock , just me and Spot who had a half day yesterday.  The humans say they stayed in that shack I showed yesterday but we know better.  Oh  "the G" wants to say something on my blog so I will move over.  We were so well looked after by a local family, the Crosby Dawsons and they had gathered a good crowd so i could tell them something about the needs of the Soldiers Charity. What a lovely group of people up here, so interested in what we are doing as a charity and they collected £600 for us, how marvellous is that ?
Here is a picture of me with some of the Neal family who were making a good night of it.  We are riding over their farms to day and they have been so welcoming. 
We are set fair for another good day, almost clear skies.  Ole Bill was caught alright this morning but he has got a bit of as sore leg  or says he has, I reckon he is malingering! So he has got a day off, and actually so have I as the "the G" is riding Spot, watch out for theat weight!


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